Services For Business Owners

Ampure Capital understands how difficult it can be to raise venture capital and angel capital in today’s markets. We also understand how difficult it can be to run your business, maximize the value of your business, and to sell your business. No matter your current business situation, Ampure Capital can help you achieve your goals.


Small Business Financial Consulting

In our experience, the vast majority of small businesses do not have high-level financial talent in-house. And frankly, most startups do not need a high priced full time finance professional. However, all businesses need someone watching the books. We have served as Acting CFO for several of our clients over the years. We can work on an hourly or retainer basis and do analysis and banking work as needed. We can also help you develop an annual strategic plan.


Raising Capital

You need to have a financing plan for your business – raising equity, raising debt, and raising grant capital. Remember the old saw — everyone wants to give you money when you don’t need it and they are nowhere to be found when you do. Raising money has become a continuous process and not a discrete fund raising event. If you plan well at the beginning you will not run out of money. As we all know, running out of money is the primary reasons that small businesses fail. Once you have an operating business, you can look to the SBA or bank for a loan or line of credit. Maybe you should establish a relationship with a factor in case you need to sell some receivables quickly. Maybe venture debt is a good choice for you. Have you applied for all the grant available to you? Let’s talk about how we can finance your business.


Strategic Business Planning

Ideally, every year you should assess the competitive landscape and plan how to get to where you want your business to be in one, five, and even more years in the future. If you are like most small business owners you probably have not done this formally for many years, if ever. To learn more about how Ampure Capital can help you with your strategic business planning please fill out the contact form and or call us at (213) 537-3580.


Preparing Your Business for Sale

If you start today, it will take you three to five years to sell your business and be completely out. If you plan to retire in the next five to ten years, you should start preparing your business for a sale today. Preparing your business for sale involves two main components — maximizing the value of your business and ‘cleaning up the business’ thereby removing any obstacles to getting a deal done. There are a million things that a potential buyer looks for in a potential acquisition target. We have helped prepare dozens of businesses for sale and have a very good idea what buyers are looking for.


Selling Your Company

Ampure Capital can help guide you through the process of selling your company. We can let you know what is happening in your industry and the larger economy and M&A market. We can help you devise a plan to maximize the value of your business. And we can run an efficient selling process and bring the right buyers to the table and facilitate the best deal for you. Selling small businesses is our core strength.