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Startup Business Planning and Capital Raising

So you have finally decided to get serious about that business idea that has been developing in your mind over the past few months. Congratulations. Taking action and overcoming inertia is a huge first step. Most ideas never get this far. Let’s discuss your next steps.

We offer the following services to help you accomplish each goal:


Feasibility Study For Small Business

Your first step is to conduct a feasibility study. The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine the viability of a new business. A feasibility study is compilation of exhaustive market research. It is best to start with Internet research then move on to trade organizations and publications. Then you should talk to people who are already in the industry – competitors, customers, suppliers, investors, etc. If you haven’t yet, call them. You will be surprised at how much they are willing to talk about their businesses. You will often discover how to tweak your business model to better address industry’s pain points. We have helped entrepreneurs with dozens of feasibility studies.


Business Plan Development

Once you have determined that your business is potentially viable you need to write a business plan. Business plans are used to raise startup capital, annual planning and budgeting, to sharpen operational focus, and to collaborate with partners or employees. Educate your self about how to write a business plan. Make a good financial model that can be used as a capital and operating budget. Writing a good business plan is an art not a science. We have written many, many business plans for companies in numerous industries and would be delighted to help with yours.


Raising Funding for Small Business

Once you have a business plan you should figure out a capital acquisition plan. The first money for the company will probably come from you personally – savings, credit cards, etc. Next you will need some seed money to get off the ground. Best bet is to ask family and friends. Look into crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter. Afterward, maybe you can approach angel investors to fund you. Also, don’t forget unconventional sources of capital – your vendors may be willing to extend you credit. Your customers may be willing to prepay for some products. Now is the time to be scrappy. We have sold or raised more than $220M of capital for companies just like yours and we would like to help you raise the capital you need to allow your business to succeed.


Small Business Financial Consulting

In our experience, the vast majority of small businesses do not have high-level financial talent in-house. And frankly, most startups do not need a high-priced full time finance professional. However, all businesses need someone watching the books. We have served as Acting CFO for several of our clients over the years. We can work on an hourly or retainer basis and do analysis and banking work as needed.

Small Business Financial Consulting

The best formula for success in a startup is a good technical/operations person and a good sales/marketing/business person. In our experience, small businesses often do not have high-level financial talent in-house. Nor should they – an experienced CFO is expensive and is only needed at certain times in a startup’s life. The business may have a part time bookkeeper and/or accountant who looks at the books once a year and prepares the tax returns. This is often not enough financial expertise to attract and satisfy financial investment, either from a VC or a bank. Most small businesses do not have the necessary finance ability in house but they just need financial consulting services on an as needed periodic basis.

It is vitally important to make investors happy and keep an eye on cash flow. Cash is the lifeblood of most startups and lack of capital is the number one reason small businesses fail. Often, this is because the business model is flawed. However, just as often it is because the founders do not understand where to get and manage capital.


Acting CFO

We can help with capital acquisition and operating budgets. We will create and execute capital acquisition plans. We will provide the necessary small business financial consulting by being your Acting CFO when you cannot afford one full time. We can set up your Quickbooks, find and interview a bookkeeper, review monthly or quarterly financials, aid with tax preparation, communicate with the bank, and much more. And when you can afford a full time CFO we will help you find and hire a top rate candidate.