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Green Financial Consulting and Investment Banking

Ampure Capital LLC is a small business financial consulting and boutique investment banking firm deeply committed to unleashing entrepreneurial drive and free market capitalism to surmount environmental and social problems in the world today. Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs, especially socially and environmentally proactive entrepreneurs, to succeed at all stages of business growth from conception to maturity to exit. We work with companies in all industries, but love clients that are trying to make our world a better place.

About Ampure Capital


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David Burns

President of Ampure Capital

My strengths are in valuing and selling companies; raising capital; and small business startup, finance, strategy, and operations.

The founder of Ampure Capital, I have sold or raised more than $220MM of capital over the past 15 years. I focus on cleantech and socially responsible companies, though I also work with many other different types of small businesses. These companies include biofuels, hydro, solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, distributed generation, but also technology, software, clean water, natural products, etc. I like to represent businesses that I understand, so companies that rely on technology or science are great.

Previously, I worked for Salomon Smith Barney in their small business merger and acquisition group for about 7 years. While we did not specialize by industry, I worked primarily with business valued under $150 million in technology and basic manufacturing.

I earned an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management in entrepreneurship and a certificate in corporate environmental management (CEM) from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara. While at Anderson, I was also a Management Development for Entrepreneurs Fellow (MDE).

I earned a bachelors degree in math, with minors in chemistry and English from the University of Pennsylvania. I studied honors physics, chemistry (through organic), biology, computer science engineering, oceanography, and other basic sciences and engineering. While not a scientist or engineer, I can talk the language and understand the issues.

I am on the board of directors for RRE Regents Center TIC, LLC and Doorways, Ltd and am Acting CFO of Drink Up LLC and Doorways Ltd. I am also a registered representative of a broker-dealer.

I am not just a finance guy. I have made my own biodiesel, ethanol (not exactly for fuel), wind turbines, solar cookers, aquaponic systems, and the like.

I like to tinker. I like to make things work.